Monday, February 21, 2011

Mittens, we coulda told them all about this years ago.

Sock Puppets are now a danger in the real world. Rainbow Jim's ilk are now able to make scads of money doing for profit what they used to do for fun.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Poem for 1/1/11

What's in God's wallet? A three dollar bill,

a receipt from Bed


& Beyond (the only

one to ever make a purchase from the Beyond)

and two business cards. One is yellowed

vellum, hand inscribed in tiny Gothic Latin and

signed Anselm. On the back in rough graphite

(a carpenter's pencil? Probably) is a scrawl, nearly

illegible, a telephone number. The area code is 666.

The other card is mother of pearl and stamped in

gold, simply, I AM. It was a gift from a Parisian lady,

given while He sat shiva for Descartes. (He opted to

forgive the debt from a certain wager made in cold

blood. No one knows what happened that hour but

the owner of the cafe and Yvette. She said they were

old acquaintances.)


(thanks to Miss Mittens for the inspiration)