Saturday, March 27, 2010

Been a while

I just submitted a short story to the college Literary Magazine. It's a bit of pulp noir set in the fictional city J and I have been constructing background on for the better part of a decade (1 trunk novel that died in rewrite, a few thousand words of assorted vignettes and fragments, and a piece we're playing around now with that may become a novella, a script for a comic, or a screen/play). This story serves as a sort of prologue to the longer piece -- the main character of the long piece is a supporting char in this one, and we'll probably have some reference to the aftereffects of this tale.

We're really leaning toward the pulp, the noir, the caper. It's a fun genre to write in, and the conventions are so well-established that you can find ways to push them and still keep the intellectual rigor of the boundaries.

The writing I've been doing for school seems to have primed the pump. Good deal.

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